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An Association Between Guillain-Barre syndrome and the Seasonal Flu Vaccine

 Posted on January 26,2023 in Vaccine Injuries

b2ap3_thumbnail_gbs-vccn.jpgGuillain-Barre syndrome, also known as GBS, is a rare condition in which an individual’s own immune system attacks their nerve endings. While there are different subvariants of GBS, the hallmark symptoms of the condition include weakness, numbness, tingling and for some individuals, paralysis. Fatigue is also often reported. More information about GBS can be found here.

The association between GBS and vaccination was initially suspected after a large-scale influenza vaccination effort in 1976 revealed an increased signal of GBS among the vaccinated population. Subsequent studies confirmed an association between GBS and the 1976 flu vaccination efforts.

While vaccine induced GBS is still considered a rare event, the association with flu vaccines is well established. As a result of this association, GBS is listed as a Table injury in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). As a Table injury, if a person who receives the vaccine (referred to as the “petitioner”) can establish that they developed GBS within 3-42 days of receiving the vaccination, then the injured person is likely to receive compensation.

While GBS is a Table injury only for the seasonal flu vaccination, other vaccines can also trigger the condition. Bringing a vaccine case in the VICP for GBS potentially caused by other vaccines is also possible depending on the specific facts of your illness.

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