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You are entitled to payment under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) if you were injured by a vaccine. This no-fault system pays you so you can focus on treating your injury. First, you must file a vaccine injury claim and have it approved by the US Court of Federal Claims.

Filing a VICP claim is a complex process, especially if your injury is not included in the program's Vaccine Injury Table. Vaccine Injury Attorney Ed Kraus has successfully handled numerous VICP claims, making sure individuals harmed by vaccines receive the compensation they deserve.

VICP Table Injuries

The VICP provides compensation for injuries shown to be caused by a vaccine covered under the program. The Vaccine Injury Table lists covered vaccines, and it lists the corresponding injuries and conditions currently recognized by the program. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program provides compensation for injuries caused by:

If your vaccine injury is not listed within the table for the corresponding vaccine, you will need a lawyer to prove the source of your injury. Most of the cases Mr. Kraus handles do not fall under the VICP table of injuries, and our team will fight to recover compensation for your vaccine injury.

If awarded, your compensation from the VICP program may include:

  • Payment for current and future medical expenses related to your injury
  • Lost wages now and in the future
  • Up to $350,000 for pain and suffering

Additionally, the VICP pays all legal fees so you do not have to pay a lawyer to represent you.

VICP Claim Requirements

You may file a VICP claim if you are:

  • An adult injured by a vaccine
  • The parent or legal guardian of a child or adult injured by a vaccine
  • The person responsible for the estate of a deceased person whose death was caused by a vaccine

In order for a vaccine injury to be compensated:

  • The injury must have lasted more than six months after the vaccination
  • Or, the injury must have led to hospitalization and surgery
  • Or, the vaccine injury resulted in death

Your claim must be filed within three years after you experience the first symptom of the injury. If a death has resulted, you must file a claim no more than two years after the date of death and four years after the first symptom of the injury that led to the death.

To learn more about pursuing compensation from the VICP, please contact the Law Offices of Chicago-Kent in Chicago, Illinois. You can call us at 312-906-5072, or contact us online. We represent clients from Chicago, Illinois, and across the nation.

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