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Lawyers at the Vaccine Injury Law Project vigorously advocate for people who have been injured by vaccines. We handle only vaccine injury claims. When you work with our firm, you can be assured that from the start, an experienced vaccine injury attorney will speak with you directly about your matter and handle your claim personally. Our team of vaccine injury attorneys and medical experts then work together to achieve the best results for our clients. Our client-centered approach helps us to have a deep understanding of the needs of those we serve. Since our practice focuses exclusively on vaccine injury matters, our attorneys are experienced in handling the difficult or novel cases that other firms may decide not to pursue. We have a proven record of success in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and have obtained many millions of dollars of compensation for our clients.

Why You Need a Dedicated Vaccine Injury Lawyer

Bringing a Petition in the Vaccine Court is not an administrative matter – it is a federal lawsuit. Vaccine injury matters are very different than other medical malpractice and personal injury claims. They are governed by the Vaccine Act, and representation by an attorney who understands the Act is your best option for obtaining the compensation you deserve.

What Differentiates Our Firm From Other Vaccine Injury Practitioners

At the Vaccine Injury Law Project, we handle only vaccine injury claims. Our practice focuses exclusively on the law and science of vaccine claims, including those difficult or novel cases that may be passed over by other lawyers.

Some of the vaccine injury claims our legal team pursues include:

Rheumatoid Arthritis
ADEM (Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis)
Autoimmune and Inflammatory Conditions

Filing a VICP Claim

Vaccine Shot

If you believe you, your child, or another loved one has been injured by a vaccine, the first step is to contact a vaccine attorney to evaluate your case. It is very important to know that the federal Vaccine Act imposes a strict 36-month statute of limitations which most often means that you must file a claim within three years of your vaccination.

When you work with our office, we will fully research your case and file a Petition for Compensation on your behalf with the Vaccine Court, which is a part of the Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. The respondent (meaning defendant) in a vaccine case is the United States Department of Health and Human Services, who is represented by an attorney from the Department of Justice.

Vaccine cases proceed either towards settlement or litigation. Our firm has extensive experience with both tracks and has established relationships with some of the country’s leading medical doctors and life care planners who we will retain to produce expert medical reports and damages calculations to be sure your case yields the best possible results.

Dedicated Service Nationwide

Our legal team serves clients who suffer from vaccine injuries all over the United States. Filing an injury compensation claim under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) does not require you to retain a local attorney. Policies regarding vaccine injury compensation are federal policies that allow victims of vaccine injuries from anywhere in the U.S. to file a VICP claim. Therefore, our national vaccine injury attorneys can help you pursue compensation for your vaccine injuries—no matter where you reside.

Although our office is located in Chicago and the Vaccine Court is located in Washington, D.C, it is unlikely that you will have to travel to Illinois or D.C. for any part of the litigation of your case. Most of the day-to-day litigation is handled from our office by telephone. If a testimonial hearing becomes necessary, the Vaccine Court Judges (who are called Special Masters), the lawyers, and the medical experts will often travel to the client’s location to conduct the proceedings.

Experienced National Vaccine Injury Lawyer

Professor Ed Kraus, Attorney at Law

Edward Kraus

Chicago Vaccine Injury Attorney

Edward Kraus was a Clinical Professor of Law at the Chicago-Kent College of Law in Chicago, Illinois. Professor Kraus joined the faculty at Chicago-Kent in 1999 where he has taught Health and Disability law classes and represented individuals in a variety of matters involving health and disability issues. He directed the Vaccine Injury Litigation Clinic where, along with his associate, Amy Kraus, and assisted by law student interns, he represents people who have suffered vaccine injuries. Mr. Kraus served on the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines from September 2011 to January 2017.

"We are a law firm dedicated to providing compassionate, high-quality, legal representation to our clients, people who have been injured by vaccines. Our clients pay neither the legal fees nor other costs associated with bringing their cases."

- Ed Kraus, Attorney at Law

United States Vaccine Injury Case Results

We are often contacted to handle complex cases because we have a reputation for successfully navigating difficult circumstances. We take the time. We do the research. We build strategies. Our client-centered approach helps us to have a deep understanding of the needs of those we serve. We have a proven record of success in the U.S. Federal Court of Claims and have assisted clients in obtaining the following representative case results:

  • DTaP Vaccine
    Infantile Spasms Seizure Disorder
    $1.4 Million
  • Influenza Vaccine
    Optic Neuritis
    $1.05 Million
  • Influenza Vaccine
    Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)
  • Influenza Vaccine
    Transverse Myelitis
  • Varicella Vaccine
    VZV Infection, Death
  • DTaP Vaccine
    Rheumatoid Arthritis
US Court of Federal Claims American Bar Association

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Professor Ed Kraus's legal team consists of experienced attorneys. While we use a team-centered approach to support your claim, every legal strategy and decision is made by an experienced vaccine injury lawyer.

If you have questions about VICP-covered vaccines and injuries, please contact our firm today. We are located in Chicago but we represent clients nationwide.We look forward to hearing from you, and are committed we will work hard to working to obtain the best possible outcome possible for you and your family. Call 312-858-2177 to speak with a dedicated vaccine injury compensation attorney nowCONTACT US



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