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We are pleased to welcome you to Kraus Law Group's newly revised website brought to you by the same attorneys behind the Vaccine Injury Law Project

Attorney Ed Kraus began what would become the Vaccine Injury Law Project while a professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law, where he taught and supervised law students in a legal clinic focused on health and disability law. 

In 2007, a student asked Ed to represent his vaccine injured relative. This was Ed’s introduction to the National Vaccine Injury Program (NVICP) and the science and law involved in vaccine injury claims. After that first case, many more vaccine-injured clients sought Ed’s assistance and his wife and fellow AttorneyAmy Kraus joined him at the law school to assist with the newly established vaccine injury practice. Over the next few years, Ed realized his passion as a lawyer lay in vaccine injury law and he shifted his legal clinic to one focused solely on representing children and adults injured by vaccines. 

Since focusing his practice on the NVICP, Ed has emerged as one of the country’s leading vaccine injury attorneys and served on the Advisory Commission on Childhood (ACCV), the Advisory Committee of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, and the Board of Directors of the Vaccine Injured Petitioner’s Bar.

In 2020, Attorney Brynna Gang, a Chicago-Kent graduate, and former standout law student in Ed's legal clinic, rejoined Ed and Amy, bringing with her significant experience in disability law and medical malpractice and vaccine injury litigation.

Now, after 23 years as a clinical law professor, Ed has left the Chicago-Kent faculty to devote all his professional resources to representing those suffering from vaccine injuries. Ed and Amy founded Kraus Law Group as the new home of the Vaccine Injury Law Project, joined by Brynna and their highly experienced lead paralegal, Amanda Ramos.

As an independent law firm staffed by experienced vaccine injury attorneys and paralegalsKraus Law Group continues to focus solely on representing vaccine injured individuals in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. It's all we do!

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