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Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration, or SIRVA, is a condition associated with severe shoulder pain and a decreased range of motion in the affected limb. This pain can be caused by a vaccination to effected arm, especially when the shot is injected too high on the arm. SIRVA may also manifest even when a shot is properly administered due to an aberrant immunological response in the body to the vaccine or its components.

At the Vaccine Injury Law Project, we work with children and adults suffering from the often debilitating pain of a shoulder injury caused by vaccine administration. Our team serves clients across the nation by providing high-quality, trusted vaccine injuries representation in the United States Court of Federal Claims. Our goal is to help secure compensation through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) to help families contend with the challenges they face.

One SIRVA case handled by Attorney Ed Kraus involved an individual with a left shoulder injury. The client who experienced the SIRVA injury following an influenza vaccine. The client suffered from left-sided frozen shoulder which caused severe pain and a limited range of motion and was ultimately . He was awarded a lump sum payment of $115,000.

Understanding SIRVA Symptoms and Treatment

How do you know if you have SIRVA? To answer this question, you must consider a few variables. In addition to shoulder pain, weakness, inflammation and a decreased range of motion, SIRVA can manifest through a variety of chronic shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff injury, bursitis, tendonitis, and frozen shoulder. According to the Vaccine Injury Table, there are several factors that help to classify a SIRVA injury:

  • No history of pain, inflammation or dysfunction in the affected area prior to the vaccine administration;
  • Pain must occur with the time-frame associated with the injury (usually within 48 hours or less);
  • Pain and reduced range of motion must be in the shoulder where vaccine was administered; and
  • No other condition is present at the time of vaccine administration that would exhibit SIRVA symptoms.

It is normal to experience some pain or discomfort after a shot in the shoulder, but if that pain continues, increases or limits your range of motion, you should seek medical assistance. Treatment options often include physical therapy and possibly steroid injections to control the inflammation. In some cases, surgery may be recommended.

What Vaccines May Cause SIRVA?

Any vaccination injected into the shoulder could potentially cause a SIRVA injury. Some vaccines linked to this condition include:

While SIRVA injuries are rare, they do occur. If you believe you are suffering from this type of injury, it is important to seek medical help as soon as possible and speak with a reputable vaccine injury lawyer.

Hire SIRVA Vaccine Injuries Attorneys

When you contact our office you will have the opportunity to speak directly to an attorney. We are a client-centered firm providing no-cost personalized service in vaccine injury matters. We understand your need to be heard. Do not try to fight this battle alone. Align with a respected vaccine injury practice with more than ten years of experience fighting for the rights of the vaccine injured. Please call our Chicago office at 312-858-2177 today.

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