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Appellate Advocacy Secures Lifelong Support for an Injured Child

 Posted on June 19,2023 in Vaccine Information

b2ap3_thumbnail_Shutterstock_163614302-1.jpgKraus Law Group, LLC recently prevailed in securing entitlement to compensation in a case involving an infant girl who developed a seizure disorder shortly after her 9-month-old vaccinations.

Our client, the mother of the child, took her daughter to the emergency room for a significant febrile seizure shortly after her vaccinations. While her daughter initially appeared to recover, her mother noticed that in the weeks after this initial seizure, her baby began acting strangely remote and she seemed to lose developmental milestones that she had previously attained.

A second febrile seizure occurred shortly thereafter. Ultimately, this little girl developed epilepsy and global developmental delays such that she will require complex medical care and constant supervision for the rest of her life.

After litigating this case in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), The trial judge (known as Special Master in the VICP) denied entitlement, asserting that our client had not established that her daughter’s vaccinations caused the subsequent epilepsy and severe developmental delays.

Kraus Law Group, LLC founding partner, Ed Kraus, appealed that decision to a higher court, arguing that the Special Master made crucial legal errors in denying our client’s claim.

That appeal was successful.

Ultimately, the Special Master who initially decided this matter against our client, issued a new decision finding not only that our client’s epilepsy was caused by her vaccinations and initial febrile seizure, but that her global developmental delays were related to her vaccine-induced seizures.

The public decision can be found here.

Kraus Law Group, LLC is now pursuing damages to ensure that our client’s daughter, now ten-years-old, will have the financial resources to ensure she has whatever supports she will need to safely live out the rest of her life.

While this is one representative case, and not a guarantee of results, the experienced vaccine injury attorneys at Kraus Law Group, LLC, Ed Kraus, Amy Kraus and Brynna Gang are committed to providing the highest-level advocacy on behalf of our clients at the trial court level and beyond.

This is all we do.

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