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Community Involvement of the Vaccine Injury Law Project

Chicago Vaccine Injury Lawyers

Serving Victims of Vaccination Injury in Chicago and Nationwide

Although the Vaccine Injury Law Project represents people all across the country who have been injured by vaccines, we are based in Chicago, Illinois. Our founder, vaccine injury attorney Ed Kraus, is a law professor at one of the state's leading law schools: the Chicago-Kent College of Law at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

In addition to being a local educator and attorney, Professor Kraus is active in organizations and efforts to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and health impairments in Chicago and nationwide.

A Chicago Attorney and Community Member

Professor Kraus has dedicated much of his time and his career to advocating for people with disabilities and health impairment in issues of discrimination, health benefits, education and employment. He serves on the Legal Advocacy Subcommittee of the American Diabetes Association. The Subcommittee includes doctors and lawyers who possess expertise valuable to the Association's anti-discrimination efforts. Professor Kraus also serves on the board of Health and Disability Advocates, a Chicago based organization that performs income security, work and education opportunities and improve healthcare access and services for children and people with disabilities.

Chicago is full of sports fans, and Professor Kraus is no exception. He is an avid Chicago Cubs fan, and he also enjoys cheering on the Chicago Bulls. Professor Kraus has been a long-time coach in the Glencoe Baseball Association, an Association that promotes youth baseball in the area.

Chicago-Kent College of Law, Downtown

The Chicago-Kent College of Law is located at IIT's downtown campus. The law offices within the college provide an opportunity for law students to gain experience with real clients, under the supervision of experienced attorneys like Professor Kraus. In addition to vaccine injury and other disability related legal issues, the law offices' programs include criminal defense, employment, environmental law, family law, immigration law and more.

Professor Kraus has been part of the faculty since 1999. He supervises the Health and Disability Law Clinic at the Law Offices of Chicago-Kent. He works with IIT students to represent children and adults with disabilities in cases involving vaccine injury, disability, discrimination and public benefits.

To determine if our vaccine injury law team can file a claim for your injury, please contact us today.

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